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Board Room


The Club owns a number of surfboards (foamies, hard tops, longboards) which were kindly funded via our Sponsors and from fundraising.

To borrow a board you will need a key to the boardroom.  The key changes every summer and are $10 to purchase. To buy a key, pick one up from the bar on a Friday night during the open months.


Board Room Rules:

  • Please only use the boards on the local beach

  • Once you have finished your surf, hose the board down and return to the boardroom (there is a hose outside the boardroom).

  • Do not take them away in vehicles

  • Do not take them away overnight

  • Only members are to use the boards

  • These surfboards are expensive -  please use them with care and respect them so they can be used by others in the club

  • Surfboards are only available during the warmer months

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