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2024 NZ Surfing Events Calendar

Summer is on it's way and with it a full calendar for those competing in NZ wide surfing events. The full event calendar can be found here on the NZ Surfing website.

Key events include the NZ Nationals 7th-13th of January 2024 which are being held in Dunedin- St Clair this year.

Other important events for our club include the Billabong Grom Series:

  • Event 1, Mount Maunganui, 27th-28th January

  • Event 2, Whangamata, 10th -11th February

  • Event 3, Piha, 24th-25th February

as well as the Hurley New Zealand Club Championships, Whangamata, 9th-10th March

Roll on summer, warm weather and good waves!


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